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A little over a year ago, I purchased a home which had wall-to-wall stained and smelly carpeting. Lucky for us because underneath all this mess was beautiful oak flooring.

The floors look amazing! Did sanding get rid of the smell or did you have to treat it with something else? I look forward to doing it again. Of course in case you have an older floor with lots of built-up finishes, stains, or paint, you might need to make more than it to smooth it out completely.

Good luck with your flooring. Your comment is very encouraging.

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I was touched by the comment about never letting people say you cant do something. Good luck with your floors.

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  • Yes, the drum sander will lift up everything… amazing machine. I applied the peroxide twice but I can still see a bit of discoloration.

    I always love to hear from other women who tackle this huge project. Thanks for all the details. Hence creating the burn mark. I admire you for taking on this project.

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